Welcome to my website!

Rather than telling you about me, I prefer to hear about YOU! It is my belief that ceremonies are to reflect the needs and circumstances of those requiring my services. Ceremonies mark the special transitions in our lives and can bring meaning and comfort for years to come. When crafted and delivered well, they touch people’s hearts, serving as significant reminders about the purpose of our lives. They inspire, unite and uplift, even in times of loss.

I am passionate about building meaningful ceremony into our lives. My work as a celebrant comes with a sincere interest in others, immaculate care and attention to detail, deep listening and excellent communication skills, professional knowledge and the ability to guide people through their unique requirements to develop the best possible ceremony. This may be to welcome a child, become a married couple, recommit to vows already made, move house or to mark the end of work or even the end of a life.

Two of my great joys in this work come from hearing the individual stories and hopes behind the ceremonies and the creativity that emerges as we develop a special ceremony to mark the particular occasion. It is an honour to serve people in this way.

I hope that I can assist you to create an
unforgettable, personalised ceremony.