A Great Compliment

The marriage ceremony for Ro and Andy took place at The Oranj Tractor Winery in Albany, the organic farm where Prince Charles and Camilla lunched on their last visit to Albany. It was chosen for its rustic, relaxed atmosphere.

Ro and Andy chose a beautiful reading from “Oh The Places You’ll Go” by Dr Seuss, which brought smiles to the faces of guests. A string quartet  added to the ambiance during the ceremony and was followed by a Blues trio from Denmark as the celebrations continued into the evening. Their presence suited the occasion without being invasive.

Having taught Ro in Year 2, the occasion brought me great joy to see her so relaxed and radiantly joyous as she made her formal commitment to the man she loves; Andy. As a celebrant, I was overjoyed to hear a guest say that she had never attended a civil marriage ceremony with such a lovely spiritual dimension to it as this one. She went on to say that she loved hearing the qualities that each partner admired in the other and those that they both valued for the family which they were creating.

I drove home to the city with my heart smiling with happiness for Ro and Andy and happiness that the ceremony had been meaningful, touching the hearts of guests as well as the bride and groom.

The Oranj TractorFlowersadmin-ajaxIMG_368Bride and Groom

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