A Japanese Connection


.Jonos vows.Emily's vows

Emily and Jono met in Japanese class in High School. The teachers encouraged their flirtatious interactions by using these situations to introduce new Japanese grammar structures. Little did they know that there was a relationship growing built on trust, honesty, openness and friendship that would lead to their marriage 10 years later.

The Japanese theme and deep loving commitment flowed through their marriage ceremony. I loved the exquisite origami cranes on their wedding cake, symbolising hope, long life, happiness, good luck and peace.

Emily and Jono wrote their own vows, which I prepared for them to read on the day. It’s been a joy to place them in frames for them as a keepsake.

I am very grateful for their lovely testimonial:-

“Jill, These are the things that are special about you as a celebrant:

  • Caring and genuinely interested in getting to know our story as a couple.
  • Willing to customise the ceremony however we would like.
  • As customising from scratch was daunting having many examples that we could pick and choose from was very helpful.
  • Being reliable.
  • Organised with paperwork.
  • Willing to have a rehearsal.
  • Being calm and in control.                                                                                                          

I suppose these are also the qualities that are most important for a celebrant!     Emily and Jono”


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