A Lofty Proposal

Down on KneeThe Proposal 1

Last winter my cousin’s daughter, Jaime, and her partner, Chris, flew to Victoria for a skiing holiday. This is something that they love to do and it is a great escape from their busy working lives.

One evening Chris organised a trip via snowmobile to the top of one of the mountains. Jaime became suspicious when it seemed that they were being followed by a film crew. Sure enough at the very top, strung between two trees was a banner stating, “Jaime, Will You Marry Me?” Gallantly, Chris alighted the snowmobile and went down on bended knee to formally propose to Jaime, offering her a beautiful family heirloom engagement ring as a symbol of his love for her. 

Thankfully, she accepted the romantic offer and guess who has been asked to be celebrant at their wedding? I am soooo excited and look forward to helping them to create a ceremony that is as special as they are. Watch this space for more details…




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