A Testimonial From Beth and Greg

Jill is a fantastic celebrant. She made us feel that our wedding was the most special of them all.

We were delighted that Jill was able to provide us with both a range of options for our wedding service as well as allowing sufficient flexibility to include our own special input.

For us, two key aspects characterise Jill’s work as a Celebrant. Firstly, she is a warm, personable and enthusiastic personality. Secondly she is highly organised. These two characteristics came together to put a very positive stamp on our wedding. The service was very professionally conducted yet still relaxed and friendly. Jill developed an immediate rapport with the guests and wedding party which included three very young and nervous young children. There were serious moments, very personal moments and love and laughter were in the air. Our celebrant Jill made this happen. She is the best. 

-Beth and Greg-

BETH GREG WED..JUNE 26.2011.09 DSC_1953 BETH GREG WED..JUNE 26.2011.21
DSC_1978 BETH GREG WED..JUNE 26.2011.29 BETH GREG WED..JUNE 26.2011.24


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