A testimonial from Bryan and Sheree

“Our Wedding day was a magical one and the most significant and important part of that day was our ceremony.  Thanks to Jill, ours was truly beautiful.  Jill put a tremendous amount of time and effort into the preparations for our ceremony.  She was organised and thorough and her guidance, advice and suggestions were greatly appreciated. 

Jill’s warmth, friendliness and genuine desire to make our wedding personal and meaningful made her the perfect choice as our celebrant.  We received so many positive comments from friends and family members (even the photographers!) about how lovely our ceremony was and that is largely due to Jill’s efforts.  We will always have wonderful, priceless memories of that day.”

-Bryan and Sheree Duminski-

Sheree and B1 Sheree and B 4 Sheree and B 5
Sheree and B 6 Sheree and B 3 Sheree and B2


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