A testimonial from Paul and Kellie

We were honoured to have Jill Kennedy as our wedding celebrant. Initially, when we started planning our wedding, we were not sure what we wanted to include in our ceremony, other than we wanted it to outdoors and we didn’t want a lengthy one. Jill had many suggestions that other couples had used, which was really helped us to find the right components that suited us. We decided to write our own vows and have a sand ceremony. She also introduced us to the idea of having step mum and step son make vows of respect, kindness, fairness and consideration to each other. This was a wonderful part of our service and was one of the many ideas that made our ceremony personal. Our ideas were woven beautifully into our service and Jill also gave us a lovely reading about what makes a good marriage, which we asked our MC to read at the end of the ceremony. Jill conducted a beautiful wedding for us and that was a personal and heart-warming tribute to our past, present and future. Jill was also very understanding and flexible when we had to reschedule our wedding at the last minute due to our son suddenly becoming seriously ill and hospitalised a couple of weeks before our wedding. We were most appreciative of her kindness and support during this time.

-Paul & Kelli

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