As a Civil Celebrant I am available to provide the following ceremonies:

  • Marriage
  • Baby Welcoming or Name Giving
  • Commitment or Renewal of Vows
  • Funeral
  • Memorial Service
  • Adolescent Rites of Passage
  • Coming of Age
  • House Blessing
  • Other Life Changes


Civil Marriage Celebrant

I love meeting with couples to discuss their hopes and dreams for a joyful marriage, beginning with their own special wedding ceremony. Each step of the planning process is part of the transition towards married life. It is a great pleasure to help plan unique ceremonies that will remind couples of the joy of this sacred occasion throughout their lives together. Together we make dreams come true!

I clearly outline the necessary legal requirements for a marriage ceremony whilst encouraging you to take advantage of the freedom and vast array of ideas, to create a ceremony that is uniquely yours and meaningful to you. Generous guidance is given about the types of ceremonies, readings, music and choreography that you may like to use and this will be emailed to you to peruse in your own time. I am happy to write unique ceremonies, vows, poetry and blessings. You are free to contact me as often as you like until the plans are exactly as you want them to be!

Years of yoga experience gives me strategies to help you find calmness when pre-wedding nerves surface.

 A rehearsal is encouraged to ensure that everyone is comfortable with the venue and procedures. I have my own Public Address System to provide appropriate amplification so that all guests clearly hear the ceremony and feel that they are part of it.

On the special day of the ceremony, I arrive early to check all requirements and ensure participants are in the correct places. All documentation is handled with care.


Naming Day or Baby Welcoming Ceremonies

Today many people have turned away from organized religious practices which held ceremonies such as Christenings to gather family and friends to mark the birth of a child. There is a need to create ceremony which can instigate birthday rituals to provide strong support for a child throughout his or her life. These occasions are full of joy, love  and hope.

A Baby Welcoming Ceremony can be held anywhere in the first 2 years of the child’s life. I meet with parents to plan how they will welcome their child into the world in a public manner and who they would like to take part in the ceremony. They may choose guardians or god parents. Symbols are discussed such as candles to light the way or acknowledge the unique spirit of the child, seeds to represent potential. I have conducted Naming Ceremonies for older children using similar ideas.

Readings are carefully chosen. Hopes and dreams are expressed and a commitment is made to acknowledge the gifts of character in the child and to guide him or her through those times of challenge. Blessings can be written especially for the child. Naming ceremonies can be incorporated into the event.

A written certificate signed by all present is an invaluable commitment of support throughout a life. It may be read and cherished in many years to come. The child then grows up to know that there are a lot of people willing to serve as lighthouses for them throughout their journey through life.

I am happy to share the many creative ideas that I have to help you support your child as they mark each birthday after this ceremony.



To be asked to conduct a funeral is a great honour. I have been extremely privileged to hear inspiring stories of the lives of loved ones. I have been trusted to sit with the bereaved as they express their grief and move through the motions of celebrating a life. To be a compassionate listener and support at this time by helping to craft and deliver the funeral service is something that I treat with great reverence. My experience shows me that deep compassionate listening allows me to unite with those left behind, become a strength in their time of need and to find glimmers of hope and inspiration for the uncertain future ahead.

When I commit to conducting a funeral service, I commit to as many phone calls, emails and other forms of communication that it takes to develop the best possible ceremony to honour the life of the departed. I feel grateful for the years of experience as an educator, which have developed in me the ability to write ceremonies, eulogies, poetry and blessings to help comfort others. In addition, I am grateful for the many opportunities that I have had to speak at local, interstate and international conferences, which have given me experience and confidence in public speaking. Moreover, I am grateful for the life experiences which have opened my heart to find compassion for others.


Dear Jill,

On behalf of our family, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to you for conducting our dearly loved mother’s funeral service, with so much professionalism, warmth and dignity. Throughout the process, we all appreciated your love, care and attention to detail which culminated in a service which was an acknowledgement of our Mum’s gentle spirit and devotion to her family. Your personal touches were perfect…we still use the bookmark you made for each guest, crafted with such sensitivity and thoughtfulness. It acts as a daily reminder of the celebration of Mum’s life. We will confidently recommend your services to others, knowing that you will respectfully attend to the wishes of the bereaved.

In gratitude and thankfulness,

Susan and Derek Cromb



Jill – you handled a sensitive family situation for me during one of the saddest times of my life … I was so grateful to have someone I trusted & who treated everyone with respect & dignity. No one could fault the warm & inclusive way you handled my family.

Bless you always