Flashing Rainbows in Heavenly Sunlight

Flying Lorikeet 3

As a Civil Celebrant and friend, I had secretly hoped that one day I would conduct her marriage ceremony to her beloved soul mate. They had been together over nine years. Their commitment to each other was from the deepest recesses of their hearts. It was unquestionable.

What a shock it was to be asked to conduct her funeral! How my heart ached for her family, her beloved and his family! So many people had their hearts cracked open when they heard of her passing. All wanted to help. At least I could do something to assist in this time of trauma.

Step by step, we planned a celebration of her twenty three years. We honoured her for the beautiful soul that she was and for her physical beauty and her love of life. We acknowledged our pain for her loss. We breathed together, one breath at a time – LOVE, COMPASSION, KINDNESS, GRATITUDE.

We asked ourselves what we could learn from her life as we walked to her graveside; a place of peace with rays of sunlight sent from heaven through the gum trees, creating vibrant rainbows on the wings of joyous lorikeets, wheeling and turning, welcoming her home, free again.

Behind me I overlooked her coffin to see throngs of people who loved her and her loved ones. They meandered hundreds of metres, lovingly supporting each other in their grief. It was a little touch of heaven on earth in the midst of the pain. So much love!

We tenderly laid her body to rest in the earth and freed her soul to return to the great mystery of life and source of all love, symbolised by the releasing of balloons into the vast blue sky.

Silently, I prayed a prayer by Michael Leunig. ” God, Give us strength. Strength to hold on and strength to let go. Amen.”

The life of a Civil Celebrant can be filled with many colours; the joys and sorrows of being human. Her spirit is free and we miss her beautiful physical presence so much.

We love you, Whitney! Light


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  1. Malini Parker on August 20th, 2013 1:27 pm

    That was beautiful and sad, Jill. The family was fortunate to have your caring presence. x

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