A testimonial from Jonathan and Marlo

Ten Reasons To Choose Jill Kennedy

If you have decided to take the plunge and commit to that special someone, you will have many decisions ahead of you. Choosing the right celebrant for you is one of the most important. My husband Jonathan and I felt daunted by the search. How would we find someone who could understand our need for a sacred feeling outside of the walls of a church? Luckily fate was on our side and we found ourselves at Jill Kennedy’s door. She was undoubtedly the perfect celebrant for us. The following is a list of the ten reasons why we would recommend her to other happy couples.

  1. She loves what she does.
    This is apparent in every minute you spend with her.
  2. She is professional.
    Please don’t call Jill if you don’t take marriage seriously. She is a professional, who constantly updates her knowledge of all legal requirements and respects the commitment of marriage according to the laws of Australia.
  3. She is kind.
    You will find yourself at ease in her presence. She is a gentle and kind person.
  4. She is patient.
    You will never feel rushed or pressured. She invests herself and her time and truly wants you to have the perfect ceremony for you.
  5. She is wise.
    She offers great advice and suggestions to guide you through what might otherwise be a daunting process.
  6. She is reverent.
    Jill brings a solemnity and sacredness to your union, and will help you to find the right words to express your unique relationship with the ‘guiding force’ in your life.
  7. She is present.
    Jill is always exactly where she is and not distracted by the demands of her life when she is with you.
  8. She is reliable.
    A very important trait I’m sure you’ll agree.
  9. She is bright and cheerful.
    She brings light to your day and spreads love. You will be hard pressed not be enchanted by this uniquely special lady. She’s a graceful woman with a beautiful heart.
  10. She keeps in touch.
    We receive Christmas cards, letters and emails. It’s lovely to know that she will never forget us either. We will always be grateful to Jill for helping to create the most magical day of our lives. To all of you who are searching for a special person to bless your union we wholeheartedly and earnestly recommend you meet with Jill. We know you will soon see why we rave about her to anyone who will listen. She helped us to create the best day of our lives.

Love and Blessings to you all

-Jonathan and Marlo-

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