The Year 2 Teacher Conducts the Wedding Ceremony

It was a great joy to conduct the wedding ceremony for Kate, who I taught in Year 2, to Mark at Hillaries Yacht Club. It was a perfect day with the sun shining across the water and a light breeze in the air. Mark had not seen his bride since the previous day, nor his beautiful daughter, Olivia, now 12 months old.

As the music for the Bridal Procession began, Olivia toddled her way down the red carpet, accompanied by both grandmothers. She gracefully smiled at all of the photographers but failed to notice her devoted daddy standing at the end of the carpet waving madly and longing to pick her up and give her a cuddle full of love on this special day. It became too much for Mark to remain in his place so he moved forward to collect her in his arms and then to move his eyes to the end of the carpet to see his beautiful Kate walking towards them on the arm of her father. What a memorable moment! (I add that Kate’s father, who now lives overseas, did not expect to see her Year 2 teacher standing at the end of the carpet next to Mark either!)

When I taught Kate all of those years ago, I would never have dreamt that I would share this special occasion with her and her loved ones. I feel so very happy for her and honoured to have been and remain, a part of her life. I wish them every happiness always.

Here is a lovely message I received from her following the wedding:-

It meant so much to me to have you run our ceremony. The fact that you taught me back in Year 2 and could play such an integral part on our wedding day will always be very special to me. Mark and I are very grateful for the time and care you put into making our day truly memorable and unforgettable!

Thank you again. Keep in touch.

Lots of love, ‘Kate, Mark and Olivia


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